About Us

We provide the only mobile surgical service in Central Florida where the surgery is performed by a specialist. We come to your own veterinarian's hospital, bringing our own supplies and equipment, and specially trained technicians. Dr. Stephen Van Lue has been a surgical specialist since 1998 and has performed thousands of specialty surgical procedures since.
There are many general veterinary practitioners performing advanced surgical procedures typically performed by a specialist and claiming to be "veterinary surgeons". Many have years of experience and do an excellent job while others simply learn the techniques during a weekend course so they can expand services they offer their clients. Veterinary medicine is not strictly regulated with regard to claims being made about proficiency in surgery. BEWARE of flashy ads! The simplest way to be assured that your pet's surgeon is truly qualified at the highest level is if they display the American College of Veterinary Surgeon's (ACVS) logo indicating they are a board-certified specialist, with years of advanced surgical training beyond veterinary school. According to the ACVS GUIDELINES, only board certified surgical specialists may use the term "veterinary surgeon." This is to assist the public in discerning what a particular doctor's qualifications are. The American Board of Veterinary Specialists and the American Veterinary Medical Association concur stating that no one should deceive the public into thinking that they have specialty credentials such that they may be confused with a board-certified specialist.

We encourage you to do your own research and speak with your veterinarian as well as other veterinarians in Central Florida, many of whom have worked with us for several years. You can also learn a lot from local forums and simply speaking to other pet owners and friends.