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About Van Lue Veterinary Surgical

About Us

Van Lue Veterinary Surgical was founded in 2011 as a mobile surgical service to referring veterinarians in Central Florida. Nine years of working at close to 50 different veterinary hospitals in the area have provided us with a unique opportunity to get to know the veterinary community from the inside out, and the needs of their clients. We are so appreciative of the support our mobile surgical practice has received over the years, and we will continue to build on the close relationships we have developed with our referring veterinarians in the effort to provide the best quality patient care and surgical outcomes for our patients and their families.

Our doctors have extensive surgical training. Dr. Steve is board-certified in small animal surgery, which means he went through an internship followed by a 3-year residency after graduating from vet school. Dr. Anne Van Lue has a Ph. D in small animal surgery and has worked the past 10 years performing surgical relief in veterinary hospitals around Central Florida, in addition to assisting Dr. Steve with his surgeries as needed and getting our patients safely through anesthesia. Between the two, Van Lue Veterinary Surgical performs a wide variety of soft tissue-, neuro- and orthopedic surgeries. Our surgical suites are equipped with state of the art surgical and anesthetic equipment that, in combination with our highly trained veterinary nurses, provides the necessary environment for your pet’s positive outcomes.

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