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Dr. Van Lue performed a bulla osteostomy in our cat Shadow (6 months old then) to remove a polyp that was causing constant infection and bleeding in his ear. Dr. Van Lue called before and after the surgery to give me some information and feedback, which was really nice. We were warned about possible permanent consequences, including drooping eyelid or facial paralysis, but nothing happened. The only thing was that Shadow's eye could not close completely, but it lasted less than 24 hours, only. The incision, although big, was barely swollen in the days that followed the surgery. The recovery was amazing, and even Shadow's vet was surprised. Today, Shadow is a healthy and happy cat. Highly recommend!”

We are so grateful to have found the services of Dr. Van Lue through our regular vet, Piedmont Animal Hospital in Apopka. Our Pippa, an almost-one-year-old tuxedo cat who was adopted by us with her sister as stray kittens barely one month old in 2011, is missing one ear! He performed a total ear canal ablation surgery on her in order to prevent reoccurring infected abscesses (which were accompanied by very high fevers) from the still wax-producing ear canal and the results were WONDERFUL! She experienced NONE of the potential complications (e.g. damage to facial nerve, droopy eye, head tilt, etc.) due to his expert surgical talents and came home full of energy and back to perfect health! He was very thorough in contacting us beforehand to explain all aspects of the surgery, what to expect, etc. and also contacted us after the surgery to let us know how everything went and how she was doing. We cannot express enough our immense gratitude to him and his wife, who we were told was also present and assisted with the surgery. His love for his work truly is evident in the care he shows his patients AND their "human companions"! We wholeheartedly recommend Van Lue Veterinary Surgical Services!”

Our veterinary doctor highly recommended Dr. Steven VanLue to perform cranial cruciate ligament surgery on our 12-year old dog. He and his wife were amazing. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for true professionals. Not only did Dr. VanLue do an incredible job on our pet's leg, but he was professional, caring, and he and his wife were just genuinely nice people. It is so good to know that there are still good honest people in the world that you feel you can truly trust with your pets.”

Dr. Van Lue, we want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the excellent TTA - cranial cruciate ligament surgery on our 4 year old British Golden Retriever. She is one week into her recovery and doing beautifully.”

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