How to Care for Your Dog After Orthopedic Surgery

Dogs are loyal companions and a human’s best friend. When you are sick, they can sense it. They will cuddle and lie in bed or on the couch with you. Usually, they have high energy, but they calm down when they sense you are sick.

However, they may not know how to calm down when sick. Most will not have a problem staying indoors for a few days after orthopedic surgery. The problem arises when they want to climb the stairs or get on their favorite couch. Restrict them from jumping or stretching. These movements may interfere with their healing process. They may also cause incisions to reopen. 

So, how do you care for your dog after orthopedic surgery?


Limit Their Activity

Your vet at Van Lue Veterinary Surgical will likely recommend that you limit your pet’s activities. They should not suddenly stretch or jump as this could lead to complications. For successful healing, your vet may recommend simple exercises and therapies you can have your dog do at home. However, restrict the movements to these. Avoid taking them for walks or having them go up and down stairs. It may strain the treatment area.

Instead, ice, heat, and massage the area and get your dog to rest. Your vet will also give you a simple explanation of how to do the stretches and exercises. These will help their range of motion and eliminate further injuries later.


Create a Safe Space

Put your dog on a leash if you must take them out to the bathroom. In the home, create a quiet place for them to rest. Make sure it is warm, safe, and secure. You can get some padded beddings that are easily washable. Also, ensure that the place is easily accessible to a room where the dog has positive feelings. It could be your bedroom or living room, somewhere they know they can easily access you.

Keep the temperature in the room nice and cozy. Monitor it in case it gets too hot or cold. Cold temperatures can cause their joints to stiffen, causing pain.


Cover Slippery Floors

Slippery floors are dangerous for healthy dogs. They can slip and slide on them. Hence, they can be a danger for dogs in recovery. Take the necessary steps to ensure the dog’s recovery. You can use rugs that have a rubber backing. These can provide a good surface for them to walk. However, avoid letting them walk in these areas alone.


Monitor Their Stitches

Ensure your dog does not lick their stitches or groom the area until the vet removes them. Removal takes about 10 to 12 days. Otherwise, it could result in an infection, or the stitches may unravel. Also, monitor the treatment area for inflammation, pain, and signs of infection. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything.


Reduce Their Food

Your pet is not moving around as before. Thus, you need to maintain its weight. Too much weight will put a strain on the joints and bones. But do not reduce their food too much, or they may not have enough energy to fight off infection.

For more information on caring for your dog after orthopedic surgery, visit Van Lue Veterinary Surgical at our office in Oviedo, Florida. Call (321) 348-6300 to book an appointment today.

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